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weekly(ish) newsletter on substack (blog platform) where i indulge and muse about my divergent interests.

sign up for ideaflow here 🖼️ is almost like a social network for vision boards. accordingly lots of the content i post here has a strong visual component

Spotify 📻

i use music as a lens by which to evaluate circumstances in my life and regularly create new playlists to that end. below are my top 100 most-listened to songs of 2020.

Strava 🏃‍♂️

in high school and college, i ran competitively. after becoming relatively disillusioned with running, i went on a hiatus.however, in 2020, i joined Raytona Beach Track Club and started running again without a watch and have recently committed to run a marathon in the spring of 2021. as a result of this, i am planning to start using Strava again more regularly to track key workouts. below are personal bests and (hopefully) an embed code for periodic activity that will show up on Strava.

Time Distance Event
33:17.9 10 km cross country 2011 Chile Pepper Cross Country Festival
9:05.77 3 km indoor track 2010 Razorback Invitational
16:26 5km Road Race 2009 Midnight Streak - 5th Place
8:01.64 4x800 meter Relay Outdoor Track 2009 Oklahoma 6A High School State Championship - 2nd Place